Welcome – We are the Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association

“Protecting the Protectors”  —

The Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association was founded in 2002 by a career law enforcement professional who sought a better way for public and private sector law enforcement unions to represent their members.  A gathering of like-minded law enforcement professionals would work together over the next several years to build an employee representative and collective bargaining organization that put the interests of its members and their welfare before any other consideration.  The Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association, otherwise known as L.E.E.B.A., has in its short existence accomplished many of its original goals  This has motivated the leadership of the union to continue to move forward with its progressive vision of employee representation.  L.E.E.B.A. has not been alone in its vision as many other public and private law enforcement employee groups have taken notice and sought to “join the movement.

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  1. Hey, LEEBA, so glad we have a Union that takes the concerns of its members very seriously. In this day in age where greed, self-centeredness and a lack of concern for others seems to be the order of the day, LEEBA gives society a fresh breath of air! Commenter – Gravatar.

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