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. . . is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess. By Felix Frankfurter

The Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association has two seasoned counsel who have been by our side since our founding in 2002. They have fought and won battles that other attorneys said could not be done and they have ventured into legal arenas where, despite the odds, they pushed on and litigated on behalf of L.E.E.B.A. members. Our attorneys share the collective vision of L.E.E.B.A., which is to provide a different kind of representation, one geared toward the members’ interests not those of the union or employee association. For too long the rights of employee members have been put on the back burner in many employee organizations to the broader interests of the association. A building is only as strong as its collective bricks and we view each member as an important brick in the house that we are constructing. That house is L.E.E.B.A., a professional and proactive law enforcement association.

Our attorneys’ brief biographies are posted as well as articles by one of our counsel who is a regular columnist for Both counsel maintain an extensive network of contacts within the labor and law enforcement fields. Additionally, they have contacts within other law offices which they utilize when representing the best interests of L.E.E.B.A.’s members.

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