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LAW ENFORCEMENT EMPLOYEES BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION December 17, 2018 As you are aware LEEBA has refused to cooperate and sign contracts presented by the City of New York , Office of Labor Relations that have not been in your best interest as members of LEEBA. With that we have filed and declared for impasse arbitration for all members of the Department of Environmental Police, Associate Sanitation Enforcement Agents, Sanitation Enforcement Agents and the Department of Transportation. We have filed a lawsuit against the City Of New York Controllers Office and the City of New York Office of Labor Relations. In response to Leeba's reluctance to cower to the City of New York, Office of Labor Relations demands the City of New York, Office of Labor Relations have filed an Improper practice against Leeba for failing to negotiate in good faith. Because Leeba told the City "Leeba will never sign a contract that was negotiated by another union that does not meet the demands and needs of our membership” and for further retaliation against Leeba OLR has as of September 28, 2018 stopped funding your welfare contributions on your behalf. Since then Leeba has used your reserves to cover your dental, prescription, vision and life insurance - unfortunately because we are no longer receiving funds to administer your benefits, benefits administered by Leeba will cease on December 17, 2018. "Under the city-wide agreement employees of the City of New York are guaranteed continuous coverage of benefits by the Office of Labor Relations. Since the Office of Labor Relations have your funds they are now the new administrators of your benefits. Please immediately contact the following individuals Robert Lin (212) 306 -7210, Steven Banks (212) 306-7238 / email: Sbanks@ olr.nyc.gov, or Renee Campion (212) 306-7210 for instructions on where to send your future claims and who are your new providers of your dental, prescription, vision and life insurance will be.  OLR will attempt to deny responsibility for your benefits but by law and the city wide agreement they have your welfare contributions, therefore they are your new administrators. Because welfare contributions are for you the members and not the union, Leeba requests that you fill out the below form that states “I give Leeba authority to represent me in a class action lawsuit against the City of New York OLR for interruption of my benefits if they fail to provide coverage by end of business day on December 17, 2018.  Again please insure that you call and demand coverage because some members and family members depend on prescriptions for life threatening ailments. Very truly yours, Kenneth Wynder
Please read and sign the below class action consent form: